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Birthday presents...

Wedding anniversaries...

Raffle Prizes...

Just because you love someone...


Purchase one of our gift vouchers and choose the date, time and length of hire.




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We have a range of Gift Vouchers available...  individuals, couples or family groups. You can also choose the length of time they have on the water.


The voucher options are linked directly to our standard pricing system. click here


Simply choose which voucher/s you require and let us know the name/s of the lucky recipient/s.


We will send you an electronic version of your voucher to check the details are correct and then post the actual gift voucher out to you. The voucher can be redeemed when the lucky recipient/s meets us on the beach! If the weather is not suitable on the day we have arranged with the voucher holder, we will happily re-arrange when convenient.


Make someone's day with a Budleigh Paddle Sports Gift Voucher...

budleigh paddle spoRts

stand-up paddleboarding - sit on top

guided tours & lessons

We are reviewing our operations for the forthcoming season ahead. Please check out our Facebook & Instagram page for updates. Thank you... The BPS Team.

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