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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with us for any queries you may have





What are you opening times?

We are open daily throughout the summer but opening times can vary depending on weather and sea conditions. Please keep a look out on Facebook page for regular updates.


Where do we park?

We are very lucky to have Lime Kiln car park right behind our beach venue. There are parking meters dotted around the car park that take coins and have the parking app facility.


What equipment do we need to bring?

There is no need to bring any specific equipment with you apart from suitable clothing to paddle in and ideally footwear for walking down the beach! We supply you with a Buoyancy Aid (PFD), a spray top and paddle. You may want to consider taking your mobile phone with you when out on the water in a suitable phone dry bag in case you need to call us out on the water. See below question about getting tired…


Where can we leave our bags and personal items?

We are very happy to look after your bags, clothing and phones whilst you are out on the water. We have limited space under our gazebo for keeping items in the shade but we can certainly keep an eye on things if you leave it near us on the beach.

What facilities do you have?

We have a shaded area for you to sit under if the weather is hot and sunny. We do not have changing rooms but there are toilets further along the esplanade that have space to change in if required. There are also a couple of café’s on the beach front selling refreshments if need that all important coffee or ice-cream!


What happened if I struggle to control the craft?

We will give you some tips and tricks before you head out on the water and some time to practice in the shallows before venturing further around the coast. We do not hire any craft if the weather conditions are unsuitable.


What happens if I tip over and fall in to the water?

The type of craft we hire are easy to get back on to and can be tipped back upright with ease. Providing you are wearing your Buoyancy Aid you will have the buoyancy that allows you to float happily whilst you flip your boat/board back upright.


If I get tired and can’t make it back… what do I do?

We will always have someone on the beach with a safety boat ready to help anyone that needs assistance. We advise that you take a mobile phone with you and have our beach team number programmed in to your phone list in case you need to make the call.





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guided tours & lessons

We are reviewing our operations for the forthcoming season ahead. Please check out our Facebook & Instagram page for updates. Thank you... The BPS Team.

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